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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

My PowerSquid Surge Protector was working fine. Now I noticed that the LED Power Indicator and/or LED Protection Indicator is no longer illuminated, and the unit appears not to be functioning. What could this be?
All surge protectors have a limited life, measured by their joules. In this instance, it is likely that your PowerSquid Surge Protector has absorbed a large power surge and its joule capacity has been overwhelmed. This is not a malfunction or a defect of material or workmanship, this is what your PowerSquid Surge Protector was intended to do: the unit has “sacrificed” itself to preserve and protect your connected equipment. You will need to replace your PowerSquid Surge Protector at this time to ensure that your equipment continues to be protected from power surges and electrical spikes.
Please feel free to contact our Customer Support Team for additional diagnostic assistance, or for help with selecting a new PowerSquid Surge Protector.

I plugged my PowerSquid Surge Protector in and the green "Gound" light is not illuminated. Does this mean my PowerSquid is defective?
No. Unfortunately, this means the house or office whose wall socket you plugged your PowerSquid into is not grounded. This can be the case in older structures built prior to code restrictions mandating electrical grounding. Your PowerSquid's LED ground indicator illuminates only when the unit is plugged into a properly grounded electrical outlet.
As is the case with all surge protectors: the unit will still function and provide surge protection to your equipment under these conditions, but please be aware that it is not operating at its full capability and some of its features may be diminished. In some cases, this may also effect your PowerSquid's Connected Equipment Warranty.
You can find more information and resources for solutions to grounding your home or office by surfing to:

What is a power surge?
Power surges occur when there are sudden powerful increases in an electrical system. There are many causes of surges, including: lightning, wind, animals interfering with power lines, auto accidents involving utility poles, and the turning on and off of large industrial pumps and motors. These account for approximately 35% of all power surges. Surges can also be caused right inside the home by a refrigerator, HVAC system and well pump motors switching on and off. These causes account for approximately 65% of all power surges.

What are 'Joules' and why are they important?
(For additional information on this topic, please refer also to Surge 101.)
A joule is a measurement of energy: one joule equals one unit of energy. Joules, in the case of surge protectors and surge suppressors, refers to the amount of energy an item is able to absorb - not how much energy passes through it.
Joules are the heart or “life” of every surge protector. The higher the joule rating of a particular surge protector, the greater the protection you are purchasing. Each time a small power surge or electrical spike comes through the power line, it is absorbed by the surge protector. Each time this happens, a small portion of the unit's joule capacity, or life, is reduced, instead of damaging your sensitive equipment. Over time, the joule capacity of your PowerSquid Surge Protector will eventually be used up by these small, damaging power surges and spikes and the unit will need to be replaced.
In the case of a large or “catastrophic” strike (such as lightening, etc.), the force of the electrical surge or spike can often overwhelm the joule capacity of your surge protector. In cases like this, the unit's entire joule capacity may be used up in one hit. It is far better to be faced with replacing a surge protector than an entire home theater system!
Flexity PowerSquid models such as the Surge 1000 and Surge 3000 Calamari Edition are equipped with high joule ratings to provide the best protection for your sensitive electronic gear. Please visit our product comparison pages a complete list of the joule rating for each PowerSquid model and for more information on the award-winning surge protector line's attributes and features.

What's the difference between a surge protector and surge suppressor?
People often tell us that they're confused when comparing products as some items items are labeled surge protectors while others are labeled as surge suppressors. The answer is simple, the terms surge protector and surge suppressor are interchangeable. The term surge suppressor is likely to be used in a more technical context. It is, in actuality, what all surge protectors do - suppress power surges to a manageable level so that the connected equipment is protected. The term, surge protector, is more widely used in the consumer market. We chose to use this term as it seems to more clearly describe what our PowerSquid surge protector products do: protect your sensitive electronic equipment against power surges. But we don't mind if you want to call your PowerSquid a "PowerSquid Surge Suppressor".

Is the PowerSquid available to purchase in Canada?
No, PowerSquid.com does not ship to Canada.

Does powersquid.com ship internationally?
No, PowerSquid.com does not ship internationally.
I live in the European Union/United Kingdom/Australia, and I would like to purchase a PowerSquid. Are they compatible for 220 and/or 240 volt configurations?
Unfortunately, not at this time. Currently, all available PowerSquid models (both the Surge Protector and Outlet Multipliers) are configured to 110 volts only. At this time, all PowerSquid models outlets are available in standard North American configured plugs only. International PowerSquid models are in development - we'll keep you posted!

Do you offer bulk-order discounts?
Yes. Please contact us directly to discuss quantity discounts on orders over 100 PowerSquid. Send inquiries to .

What is your Return Policy?
We gladly accept returns within 30 days on unused products for a refund.
* Original shipping charges are NON-refundable.
* Provided that the original packaging is intact, your PowerSquid is in new or unused condition and you have proof of purchase (i.e.: a valid order number), a 10% re-stocking fee may apply.
* If a product is returned or received by our distribution center without explanation, a 15-20% re-stocking fee will apply.
Please see our Return Policy and Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Instructions pages for additional details and instructions. PowerSquid.com and Flexity, LLC are not responsible for and will not accept returns for purchases made from any other distributor or vendor. Please return the product to the store you purchased it from.

I would like to use the PowerSquid Surge Protector for travel - what are its dimensions and weight?
While many customers tell us they use their PowerSquid surge protectors when traveling, the PowerSquid Surge 3000 Calamari Edition is not necessarily best suited for travel. It weighs 2.6 pounds (unpackaged) and is 17” long (to the longest tentacle), 2” high (at its thickest point) and 3.75” wide the “head” (widest point).
The Outlet Multiplier is significantly smaller, weighing 2 pounds (unpackaged), and are 15.75” long (to the longest tentacle), 2” high (at its thickest point) and 3.25 ” wide the “head” (widest point). However, the Outlet Multiplier does NOT provide surge protection.

Are Flexity’s PowerSquid Surge Protectors rated for outdoor use?

How do I become a dealer?
Please send all dealer inquiries to: .

Can I plug one PowerSquid into another?
It is against UL (Underwriter’s Laboratory) regulations to “daisy-chain” power strips, including the PowerSquid surge protector. Doing so will void the warranty as well as the Limited Connected Equipment Insurance.

How can I protect my home from power surges?
The most effective way to protect your home against powerful voltage spikes is through the use of surge protectors. A surge protector directs harmful power disturbances safely to ground. It takes "the hit" from the high-voltage surge, lets a safe and reasonable amount of voltage through, and then sends the rest to "ground".
There are many types of surge suppression devices. The basic components of an effective surge protection system are:
* Grounding - which provides personal safety. * Service Entrance Protection - which provides a “manageable” level of protection but offers electric line protection ONLY. * Point-of-Use Protection - which provides a “safe” level of protection for sensitive electronics and appliances by protecting electric lines as well as telephone and cable/ satellite lines.
All Flexity PowerSquid models offer these features to provide the utmost in protection for your sensitive electronic gear. It's no wonder the PowerSquid surge protector line has won numerous [awards].

How does a power surge cause damage?
ANY level of power disturbance, however small, can cause interruption or damage to the microprocessors in the sensitive electronics and appliances.
Low-level surges can cause stress on the circuits of your sensitive electronics, leading to early failure. This reoccurrence of low-level surges is often called "electronic rust". High-level surges can result in immediate destruction of expensive circuitry.
Power disturbances can damage almost any electronic device you own, not just your computer. Sensitive electronic equipment such as high-definition plasma, LCD or projection screen TV’s, DVD players, surround sound home theater systems, MP3 players, video game consoles, even microwaves and other appliances are all at risk. And the average cost of household damages caused by power surges can exceed $1,000 in repairs or replacement! The Insurance Information Institute recommends the use of surge protectors in your home to reduce the risk of damage to such electrical gear.

What are the Warranty Information Details?
Bits Limited warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product. Bits Limited will repair or replace the defective unit upon receiving the defective product for testing. To submit a claim visit http://bitsltd.net or call Bits Limited Customer Service at 877-424-8758 for details. No product will be accepted without a Return Authorization Number (RA#).

What are the 'connected equipment' warranty details?
Bits Limited will repair or replace up to $75,000 of equipment damaged due to product failure of a Bits Limited manufactured surge protector or PowerSquid Surge Protector. The damaged equipment and failed surge protector must be sent to Bits Limited for evaluation. Bits Limited will have ultimate authority in making the determination of whether the surge protector failed to perform properly. The damaged equipment will be repaired or replaced if the surge protector failed. Parties interested in filling a connected equipment claim should contact Bits Limited’s customer service department at 877-424-8758 or by emailing support@bitsltd.net.