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"…awesome product ! cannot wait til it gets here! - Elizabeth" –ELIZABETH CALLAN
"I think the Calamari is a great product; it resolved my multiple peripheral issues and provides the security I want." –Gregory Costello
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SPECIFICATIONS :: PowerSquid Surge3000 Calamari

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PowerSquid Surge3000 CalamariFor the discerning connoisseur: Our critically-acclaimed flagship model comes fully loaded with an impressive 3240 Joules of next-generation Ultra-MOV™ surge protection to keep even the most dangerous power surges and electrical spikes at bay, and unique features such as more virulent Purestream™ power filtering to the tune of 58dB, two blue neon glowing outlets for increased visablitiy in dark places, a 360-degree swivelling flat profile plug for streamline placement in the tightest of spots, and an audible alarm to let you know when its time to replace it.
Like all of our award-wining surge protectors, the Calamari comes with flexible outlets to eliminate your struggles with bulky plugs, full connectivity protection to prevent surges from traveling through your cable and DSL/phone lines, Tripwire™ Failsafe Circuitry for catastrohic event protection, and high-dollar connected equipment insurance - all housed in a luminous white body with a translucent blue shield for the smartest, classiest surge protection money can buy... People just can't seem stop talking about this savvy cephalopod!

Model Specifications:

  • 3240Joules w/ Ultra-MOV™ technology
  • 330V Clamping
  • 58dB Purestream™ EMI/RFI power filtering
  • $500,000 Limited Connected Equipment Warranty
  • Complete Connectivity Protection for DSL/Dial-Up and Cable/Coaxial

Calamari Edition Exclusive Features:

  • 2 Blue neon glowing outlets
  • 360° Swivelling flat profile plug
  • More powerful Purestream™ Filter: 58dB
  • Audible Alarm - lets you know when its time to replace the unit.

Standard Features:

  • 6 - 100% transformer block compatible, flexible outlets
  • Tripwire™ Circuit
  • 15 Amp Breaker
  • 8ft Extra-long Power Cord
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Blue-LED Power Indicator
  • Red-LED Protection Indicator
  • Green-LED Ground Indicator
  • Rubber skid-feet prevent sliding
  • Rugged, drop-tested ABS casing
  • Phone splitter with superior sidactor protection
  • Gold plated coaxial connectors
  • UL Listed

Product Dimensions:

  • Width of body at widest point 4"
  • Length of body 7.5"
  • Length of longest tentacle 10"
  • Total length (w/out power cord) 17"